Course Report June 2015


Course Report, Thornbury Golf Centre, Bristol

Spring is a special time out on the course, and April is the month that we see dramatic changes as everything start to warm up. We started the month off fairly cold, and there hadn’t been much movement by way of growth. Since the start of the month, however, we have seen some warmth which has encouraged the trees & shrubs to burst into life. There has been plenty of activity from the wildlife too, it is prime time for nesting birds, and you can hear the bird song from about 4 in the morning as they search for a mate to pair up with.

Although it has been nice and warm through the days the night time temperatures have still been quite low and as a result growth on the greens has been a little slow, but they are still performing well and we have had some good feedback about them which is always nice to have. We have also been trying to engage our members and visitors alike through the power of social media and we have been getting some good feedback through Twitter and Facebook too. The crisp spring mornings have allowed us to take some great photos of the course and post them, which has met with some good engagement from people, and is something we will strive to do on a regular basis.

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