Junior Golf - Schools

Thornbury Golf Centre, through its ‘free coaching for schools’ initiative, is delighted to have introduced over 200 school children to the game of golf. The Academy has been rewarded the ‘Golf Mark’ in recognition of its junior and beginner-friendly coaching facilities.

Free Tri-Golf Taster Sessions

Developed for use in British Schools, Tri-Golf is a fun and exciting way to bring golf to your school. It also uses the safest golf equipment available and is offered by Thornbury Golf Centre in our free school's taster sessions.

Free Golf-Xtreme Taster Sessions

Golf Xtreme is the golf game and programme for secondary schools that is related to the golf you see Tiger Woods play but is actually a completely new game for young people. Golf Xtreme combines some of the best parts of the traditional sport – hitting balls long at interesting targets – with scoring systems you can create yourself, team games which include everyone and keep you fit, and, important safety considerations for both teachers and pupils. It’s all designed with the 11 to 15 year old in mind – great fun for boys and girls. 

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