May I welcome you to Thornbury Golf Club

Firstly, I should introduce myself as junior organiser. I am ably assisted by Carol Weeks, my junior handicap officer and Nigel Buckland. We are all  volunteer club members, having been at TGC for many years.

I am a retired Police Officer. After 30 years service, I then worked part time at TGC, before returning to the police service as a civilian Investigator, eventually going to full retirement in 2016. I am a married man with two daughters and five grandchildren, living in Almondsbury

I have been in post for 15 months and during that time, I have played a leading part in TGC being accredited as a ‘SafeGolf’  venue. All safeguarding procedure for young persons are in place , as you will see by the displayed  certificates. I have also undertaken Golf safeguarding training and have an enhanced DBS Certificate.

I have committed myself towards the progress and welfare of all those juniors that are members of this club. In the last 15 months, a number of younger players have submitted themselves to playing on the main course and having scorecards marked for handicap purposes. I am pleased to say, that since April 2021, a further nine juniors  have now attained handicaps . This exercise will be ongoing.

Younger, more inexperienced golfers are receiving regular coaching sessions, and I am  regularly overseeing their progress. Occasionally, and to add variety, we will hold competitions on the Par 3 course. At TGC, we are very lucky to have excellent facilities. The professionalism and friendliness of junior coaching is excellent and very well regarded by other Clubs.

I do receive regular feedback from both Jason Fallon and Nathan Bateman, our junior coaches, and once they think a junior has sufficient ability, I will arrange handicapping sessions on the main course.

If you see me about, please stop me and have a chat. I shall only be too pleased to help in any way I can.

If you have any queries/questions, please contact either me or Carol in the first instance.

r.b.sherwood@btinternet.com 07729734878

Carol.Weeks@hotmail.co.uk 07803003621

Regards to you all